After three weeks of terrorizing the citizens in and around Austin, Texas, the suspect accused of planting explosives has killed himself. In response, Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the incident with a celebratory tweet, but didn't get the best reaction.

Trump on Austin bombings

Since March 2, six explosions have taken place in Texas, mostly in the Austin area, with an additional bomb that was deactivated. The first three explosions took place at different private residences, killing two individuals and injuring two others, in what were bombs disguised as mail packages.

The fourth explosion occurred on a road in Travis County in what has been described as a "Tripwire-activated bomb." The fifth bomb exploded at a FedEx Ground facility, with the sixth being deactivated. On March 21, a seventh bomb exploded on a road in Round Rock, Texas, but this time it was the suspect himself who was directly involved and committed suicide in the process.

The suspect has since been identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt who was pulled over early Wednesday morning. As police approached his vehicle, Conditt set off the bomb, killing himself and injuring one of the officers.

In response to the news, Donald Trump took to Twitter with an all-caps tweet. "AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Great job by law enforcement and all concerned!" As expected, those who oppose the president didn't take too long to tweet him back their thoughts.

Twitter backlash

Following Donald Trump's tweet about the death of the Austin bombing suspect, critics of the commander in chief hit back.

"The FL shooter was a white supremacist and Trump supporter who was part of a group called "The Republic of Florida” Dylan Roof--white supremacist -- The Texas Church shooter was was a Rethuglican with a grudge--but go on , you were saying," one tweet said.

"Oh, the FBI is Good?

But wait, you recently said the opposite," a Twitter user wrote. "'Suspect was a 24-year-old white male' so of course he is not going to be labeled a terrorist and we need to bring back conversations about mental health, right??" a tweet wondered. "That is it? A white guy with no ties to radical extremist groups of a religious nature kills people and you just blow by it, what an a**!" yet another tweet added.

"Trump is a sick vermin.

He disgusts me. Grats ppl of Austin thx law enforcement! On to the next! No mention of the people that died. When you’re impeached I will laugh for days," a social media user wrote. "Thank you FBI and law enforcement for stopping the White Domestic Terrorist. It is too bad the President continues to criticize your agencies," an additional tweet noted.