On Tuesday night, Donald Trump and other Republicans came together for the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner. The president made sure to say a few words, though they were predictably met with controversy.

Trump on Dems

Ever since the early days of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has not held back his thoughts about the Democratic Party and his own personal political agenda.

Since taking office just over a year ago, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made sure to voice his thoughts and opinions, even if it means receiving an onslaught of criticism.

As reported by NBC News on March 20, Donald Trump's appearance at the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner was not without controversy as the president called out the Democratic Party, with a special focus on Rep. Maxine Waters. "While Democrats denigrate our history, Republicans believe young Americans should be taught to have pride in America's achievements and to treasure our truly incredible heritage," Trump said.

"Democrats think they are invincible," Donald Trump went on to say. "I watch this Maxine Waters. A low IQ individual. Low IQ," he said in reference to Waters calling for his impeachment, while accusing her of having no credible evidence. "For the last eight years, Democrats apologized for America. Republicans, on the other hand, are standing up for America," Trump noted.

Not stopping there, Trump went on to accuse Democrats of "want(ing) to increase taxes. Maybe they'll call that tax reform."

Double down

Donald Trump continued on with his speech, touting his presidency and the work the Republicans have done in Congress with their majority-control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

"Our Republican majority is one of the most successful in the history of the United States Congress," the president claimed. "We've created more than three million new jobs since the election and if we would have said that number prior to the election, nobody would have believed it possible," Trump went on to add.

Next up

Despite Donald Trump's praise of the Republican Party, analysts are predicting a major defeat during the upcoming midterm elections this November. While losing the majority in the House and Senate is unknown, Democrats are gaining momentum in recent polling and it's expected that it will only increase as the months move forward, regardless of Trump's rhetoric.