It was just last month when Donald Trump Jr's wife, Vanessa, was rushed to a local hospital after opening a letter that contained suspicious white powder. On Thursday morning, the suspect was arrested resulting in Donald Jr. quickly responding on social media.

Donald Jr. on Twitter

When Vanessa Trump opened up a letter last month, it contained white powder along with a hate-filled note.

After complaining of a headache and stomach pains, she was quickly taken to the hospital for evaluation. Following a review, the powder in question turned out to be nothing more than cornstarch. As reported by NBC News on March 1, police arrested 24-year-old Daniel Frisiello at his home in Beverly, Massachusetts. In addition to the letter sent to Trump, Frisiello also reportedly mailed similar notes to Democratic Sen. Deborah Stabenow, as well as actor Anthony Sabato, Jr, and is facing 10 counts of false information and mail fraud.

In response to the arrest, Donald Trump Jr.

wasted no time lashing out during a tweet on March 1. "My family and I are incredibly relieved to hear this news. No one should ever have to deal with this kind of sickening behavior," Donald Jr. wrote. "Truly amazing work from the Secret Service and other agencies involved," he added, before concluding, "Thank you all for your dedication to law and order." After just minutes of his post, the younger Trump was met with backlash from those who oppose the current administration.

Twitter reactions

Following Donald Trump Jr's tweet, critics decided to sound off with a few thoughts of their own. "Oh, so now you 'appreciate' law enforcement and investigations. Expect you'll be just as complimentary when the same law enforcement officials, doing their jobs, come for you and your grifter family," a tweet read.

"Did you make money off foreign deals, or just Jared?" one Twitter user wrote. "Jr. yet you thought it was OK to harass a girl and her family on Twitter. Parkland families do not deserve the treatment you gave them. They ended up getting death threats because of you," yet another tweet added.

"So you like the justice system when it works in your favor, eh?" an additional tweet noted.

"Agreed. Now stop peddling conspiracy theories about high school kids," a follow-up tweet stated in reference to the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. The backlash continued to pour in as the rift between the political left and the Trump White House shows no signs of coming to an end anytime soon.