As Donald Trump continues to face increased media scrutiny over the backlash to his "sh*thole" remarks and the potential government shutdown, the White House are finding ways to push back. At her latest press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders did her best to defend the president.

Sanders on Trump

It's become routine for members of the White House to clash with the mainstream media. While Donald Trump has made a habit out of lashing out at the press during interviews, speeches, and on spacial media, his own administration has often followed in his footsteps.

Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has become infamous for her heated exchanges with cable news hosts, most notably her near shouting matches with the likes of Anderson Cooper. Though many in the administration have defended the president, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has the job of doing that on a daily basis, where she spars with reporter and journalists during the daily press briefings. After yet another eventual day, Sanders returned to meet with the media, as reported by ABC News on January 17.

While taking question from reporters on Wednesday afternoon, it was only a matter of time before Sarah Huckabee Sanders made remarks that caused controversy.

When asked if Donald Trump's recent health exam results were accurate, with a reporter questioning whether he was really only 239 lbs, Sanders defended the president and Dr. Ronny Jackson. "Dr. Jackson has been a White House physician for the last 12 years, trusted by President Bush, President Obama, and now President Trump.

He is the only doctor that has weighed in on this matter that has actually examined the President," said added. Sanders went on to say that Jackson "exhausted just about every question that you guys have" while calling him the "only credible source" to comment on the president's health.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was then pressed on the recent backlash from fellow Republicans in John McCain and Jeff flake who criticized Donald Trump for his increased attacks on the media.

"Jeff Flake is not criticizing the president because he's against oppression," Sanders said, in reference to Flake's comparison of Trump to Stalin. "He's criticizing the President because he has terrible poll numbers," she concluded.

Twitter reaction

As expected, Sarah Huckabee Sanders' comments didn't over well with many on social media, leading to critics of the White House to speak out. "I wonder if Trump is going to his little celebration party at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday if the government shuts down? What say you, (SHS)?" one tweet read.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on MSNBC to give a "press briefing" and I can't find my remote!

Oh the horror!" a Twitter user added. "Why does @PressSec talk to the press pool like their Kindergartners? Is it because that's how she's used to speaking to #Trump," an additional tweet noted. "(SHS) is the worst of the bunch. Pastor kids, I swear," a follow-up post stated.

"Did miserable Sarah Huckabee Sanders aka I hate my job, life and anything that could possibly give me joy and told the press corps to be on their best behavior like they were 3rd graders or the help???!!! She better remember she's only press secretary by default!" an angry tweet stated. "This is horseshit from the DOJ. I never can listen to the (SHS) show anyway," yet another tweet went on to say.