Another wild night in the NBA as Orlando Magic guard Aaron Afflalo got into an fist fight with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Nemanja Bjelica. It was another black eye for the NBA that saw physical altercations spill over into the locker room after a game earlier this week between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets.

Afflalo and Bjelica appear to be battling for positioning during a shot, but something during the exchange set Afflalo off. He immediately turned to Bjelica and started the fight, swinging wildly at Bjelica's head. Thankfully for Afflalo, who had quite a height and weight disadvantage, Bjelica just wrapped him up in a headlock to diffuse the situation.

Both players were ejected after the dust settled.

It wasn't clear what led to the sudden explosion from Afflalo. As for Bjelica, he spoke briefly to reporters after the game regarding the incident.

Twitter reacts

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with another round of fight night in the NBA.

Here are some of the best reactions:

Tensions are increasing

It seems like NBA players are losing their cool more often than they ever have before.

The constant beefing with the referees has reached such a low point that meetings are being arranged between the player and referee unions to air out their grievances and come to a common ground regarding several points of contention.

What is more puzzling is how much players seem to be going after each other as well. It could be the rising salaries, specifically the contracts that are reserved for the select few at the top.

Players battle every game on the court as they need to prove their worth if they want to land a lucrative contract offer. Not every player gets the $200million contract that James Harden just signed in Houston.

The sudden drop this past offseason in contracts offered was a big blow to the players. They opted to have the spike in the salary cap all come in at once during the 2016 offseason. This led to teams spending ridiculous amounts to secure the services of mid level and bench players. The result was only elite players receiving big deals this past offseason and the rest of the players were left battling for scraps.

It is purely speculation, but the growing divide between the top paid players in the league and average players has to be frustrating. Not everyone deserves Lebron money, but if 2-3 guys account for 60-70% of a teams salary cap then it is hard to imagine the rest of the players are too happy about it.