One of the biggest political debates in the United States is over whether or not a woman has the right to an abortion. With the issue being split down party lines, the president has decided that he will address rally-goers at the far-right wing anti-abortion "March for life" event in Washington, D.C.

Trump on abortion

Ever since announcing his plan to run for president back in June 2015, Donald Trump has made sure to get ahead of as many issues as he can and solidify his position. Despite this, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been on the fence when it comes to abortion and a woman's right choose.

Back in 1999, Trump described himself a "very pro-choice," though that changed once he declared himself a candidate for the Republican primary. During a debate in 2015, Trump said his stance on abortion changed at some point over the previous decade due a personal experience with a friend of his. Trump once again found himself in hot water during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthew in 2016 when he said that a woman who gets an abortion should face "some form of punishment" if the practice were made illegal prior to the operation. Fast forward to present day and the White House announced that Trump will be speaking to the "March for Life" rally via a video statement, which Kellyanne Conway was quick to gloat about during a January 17 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, Kellyanne Conway was overjoyed that Donald Trump would be the first sitting president to address those at the "March for Life" rally on Friday.

"POTUS will make history as first President to deliver live video remarks (from Rose Garden) to " March for Life," now in its 45th year," Conway tweeted out, while using the hashtags "ProLife" and "thankyou."

The "March for Life" rally started in 1974 following the Roe v.

Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States. The march had been held each year since and is put together in opposition to both abortion and the decision to legalize the practice in the country.

Twitter reacts

After Kellyanne Conway's tweet, critics were quick to speak out. "Let’s brag about being out of touch," one tweet read.

"Will he talk about the 12 abortions he paid for for his girlfriends?" one tweet asked.

"Isn’t that just GRAND? Why doesn’t he spend a little more time championing the unwanted, homeless, abused, neglected children in this country? Of course that takes caring and not just shouting platitudes at anti abortion crowd," another tweet stated.

"I'm sure it will be something like 'Aren't you lucky that my mom didn't abort me?'" one Twitter user stated.

"Your POTUS makes history every day with his historically moronic statements and actions which tear at the fabric of this great nation and systematically tear apart the country and the world," yet another tweet stated.