On Tuesday at the White House press briefing, Donald Trump's physician spoke to the media and gave an update on the president's health. After Trump received a fair assessment, the president's son decided to gloat on social media.

Trump's health

For the better part of the last two and a half years, many Americans questioned the physical and mental health of Donald Trump. Whether it's his reckless behavior or questionable eating habits, the former host of "The Apprentice" has caused speculation about his well-being, which only increased after the release of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House." These questions were put to the test after Trump took part in a physical with White House Dr.

Ronny Jackson, who has previously worked with former presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush. At the press briefing on Tuesday, Jackson declare that the Trump was in good health, confirming he weighs 239 lbs and stood just under 6'3. However, Jackson did say that a diet was recommended so the president could drop up to 15 pounds, while also calling for regular exercise. Trump was quickly mocked by those who doubted the results, which promoted Donald Trump Jr. to fire back in a string of tweets on January 16.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr.

was quick to come to the defense of his father. "Watching media trying to ask the Rear Admiral Jackson (The White House Dr) questions in ways that leaves an opening to attack @realDonaldTrump's health after an amazing report, cognitive & otherwise, is like watching Dumb & Dumber," he wrote.

"More #winning.

30 out of 30," Donald Jr. added in a follow-up tweet. "The left has to stop hitching their wagon to BS sound bytes they want to be true so they don’t get shut down this hard all the time. They keep losing any credibility they had left!" he went on to tweet. In his final tweet on the matter, Donald Jr. cited David Martosko of the Daily Mail to push back against allegations that the president has mental issues, writing, "Now can we test the media for #TrumpDerangementSyndrome?"

Instant reaction

In response to Donald Trump Jr's tweets, critics instantly went on the attack.

"Except your father, not his doctor issued a statement to the press boasting about his 'exceptional' health. If you're father wasn't so corrupt, journalists wouldn't be trying to expose that corruption. Take some responsibility for once in your life," one tweet read in detail.

"He's a fat idiot, Fredo.

You're asking us to not use our eyes and ears," one Twitter user wrote. "30 out of 30 should fit nicely next to his 30% approval rating," an additional tweet noted. "So much winning especially in money laundering: Just a coincidence that Deutsche is only bank that loans Trump Crime Family," yet another tweet stated.

"Brilliant news,he’s fully fit to face trail then," a tweet stated. "So all the test proved was his lying evil cruel narcissism comes to him naturally," a Twitter user added.