A local Cincinnati area youth recreational Basketball league is catching a lot of heat this week after one of their teams had to be removed from the league for wearing racist and sexually suggestive slogans on their jerseys. Both the team name and several of the player names were so glaringly offensive that it is amazing how the shirts were ever approved for printing in the first place. A report by Yahoo! provided most of the information for this article.

Following complaints made by parents of an opposing team to league officials, the game was stopped and declared a forfeit.

Shortly after that, the "Wet Dream Team" was no longer a team in the league. It didn't stop there. Some of the players also opted for offensive names on the back of their jerseys. Two of the worst were "C**n" and "Knee Grow." It is astounding the oversight that had to go into the decision making and printing of these jerseys. How anyone thought that this wouldn't create a problem is unbelievable. And people have a problem with how LaVar Ball is raising his basketball kids.

This was the league's fourth week of games

What might be most surprising in this whole situation is that this wasn't the first game of the season for the teams. The offensive jerseys were used in three prior games and somehow either nobody complained, or they just chose to ignore the obscenity and keep to themselves.

It certainly raises questions about the overall mindset and atmosphere in the region. If only some people found kids wearing and promoting such bigotry to be a problem, then there likely lies a much deeper rooted issue in the community.

League officials also have remained skeptically ignorant of the teams in their league. If a team enters any normal recreation sports league, they usually have to provide a team name.

When the league was presented with "wet dream team" as a member, that should have raised some red flags. At the very least, a simple check into the team to see if any other offensive behavior was taking place.

League officials and parents dropped the ball

How league officials claim to have only been aware of the team after parents complained seems like a cop-out.

Surely they would have seen team scores or standings at that point in the season. This just feels like the ball was dropped on so many levels. Kids make mistakes. In the day of the internet, every issue has the chance to be blown completely out of proportion. Regardless, somewhere along the line, a parent should have stepped in to say this wasn't OK. How and why that didn't happen is where answers are needed.