The immensely popular "Player Unknown Battlegrounds" has been suffering from a bit of gamer fatigue as of late. The one available map was becoming stale and players were clamoring for new ways to drop in and battle for the elusive chicken dinner. The introduction of "PUBG Mobile" was welcome news as players found a new way to play on the go. The graphics and gameplay were surprisingly high quality given the free price. A report by The Star provided information used in this article.

The new way to play exploded the popularity of the game as it attracted a whole new market of players who either don't play console games or are unwilling to drop cash on the regular version of the game.

Even active players flocked to "PUBG Mobile" in their downtime away from their consoles as they could play on the go.

Finally a new map!

The original "PUBG" map has been played nearly to death. The hot spots have been well documented and the drop in zones are pretty predictable at this point. The teasing of the new Miramar map has left players desperate for a new angle to the experience. Players can now rejoice as Miramar will be released by the end of May on PC and console. The real surprise is that the new map will also be available on the mobile game as well. The strategies on the Mexican desert setting will be in stark contrast compared to how players approached the original map. The wide open terrain will allow for lots of long-range battles and snipers may find an advantage at first as the community finds ways to attack the zones.

Not to get too far ahead of themselves, Bluehole also announced a third map featuring a setting in Thailand will also be available sometime this year as well. This falls in line with company plans to create diverse maps as a winter location is supposedly in the works as well.

Gaming the system

There have been some downsides to the rise of "PUBG Mobile." The free price has driven a number of players to shy away from spending the $30 for the console or PC version.

Where things get tricky is where savvy tech users hook their phones up to their computer. Done correctly, they can then play with a controller, giving them a big advantage over other players. Not to mention that they are avoiding paying for the game as well. It is a small downside to the massive growth of the game. So far, the issue doesn't appear to be hurting the bottom line for Bluehole, makers of the game.

The more people playing, regardless of the way they play, is what will keep "PUBG" a success for a long time.