A dispute over a parking spot outside of a Los Angeles area home resulted in a horrific beatdown that nearly killed a former WWE wrestling star. Tom Magee, better known to wrestling fans of the 1980's to early 90's, was on the receiving end of the attack from a group of young men. Witnesses say they saw the men punching and kicking Magee everywhere, especially in the head, as he was down on the ground and defenseless. The attack left Magee with a number of injuries, including a broken jaw and fractured eye socket.

Neighborhood watch captain

Magee prides himself on being a neighborhood watch captain for the area around his local Los Angeles area home.

As part of that duty, he confronted a group of men in a car, likely due to some issue with them or their actions in the neighborhood. It is unclear what initially provoked the confrontation between Magee and the young men. However, things quickly became heated as the argument grew more intense. From there, the group of six young men attacked Magee, beating him to the ground -- according to Hip Hop Overload.

Once on the ground, witnesses say they continued to kick and punch Magee's head. Some even claimed that it appeared like the goal was to actually kill Magee. The attack left the neighborhood stunned and shaken as they were surprised to see such violence so close to home. Of the six men who attacked Magee, four of them are still on the loose.

Authorities were able to arrest two, though, Justin Lee, 20, and Degrate Bryant, 20.

It is unclear what charges they will be facing, but it is likely that aggravated assault and potentially even attempted murder may be among the charges. The two will likely be pressured to give up the remaining at-large participants, as they could face up to 20 years or more if convicted.

The man who beat Bret Hart

Magee was first a strongman, competing in various power lifting competitions before getting noticed by wrestling scouts and agents. After a brief stint performing in Japan on various wrestling circuits, Magee caught the eye of WWF brass and was added to the roster. He defeated Bret "The Hitman" Hart at a New York show in 1986.

Despite the victory and a number of following wins, Magee's tenure in the WWE was short-lived. He wrestled intermittently on various lower level cards as he turned heel to try and gain a new foothold of fan support. The lukewarm reaction all but ended his career as he eventually faded from the organization.