In honor of National law enforcement Appreciation Day, Melania Trump decided to tweet out a message in support. As expected, the first lady quickly came under fire from critics.

Melania on Twitter

President Donald Trump has been outspoken in the world of politics since the day he announced his plans to run for president on the floor of Trump Tower in June 2015. While some members of Trump's family, like his son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, have been in and out of the headlines for various reasons, First Lady Melania Trump has done her best to stay out of the spotlight.

While Melania has made a few gaffes at times, including the reported plagiarism of former First Lady Michelle Obama during her speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016, she's mostly been relegated to her attempt to curb cyberbullying and making select speeches around the country. On Tuesday, many took part in honoring members of law enforcement for National Law Enforcement Appreciation, including Melania during a tweet on January 9.

To honor the men and women in law enforcement, Melania Trump did her part with a tweet.

"Thank you to the brave men & women who sacrifice so much to protect & keep us safe," Melania tweeted out, before adding, "We appreciate all that you & your families do!" While her tweet appeared innocent, critics hit back at the first lady, with some questioning her stance on Robert Mueller who is special counsel to the the current Russian investigation.

Twitter backlash

Following the first lady's tweet, those who oppose the administration decided to give their rebuttal. "Melania, do you realize that men and women from law enforcement agencies will be picking up your husband and your step children after the indictments?" one tweet read.

"We would all support you if you chose to leave him.

Always remember that," another tweet mockingly stated. "Give it up. We all know you don't mean anything you say too. Complicit means guilty," one Twitter user added. "Why are you re-posting a pic from last October? Where is Melania? Haven't seen her since NYE. No public appearances since early December. Is she being held hostage? Concerned," a social media user wrote.

"Thank God for law enforcement.

Mueller and his team of investigators will surely be the salvation of the is law enforcement, using good and trustworthy evidence and intelligence that will put your old man in jail...and then you are know you want it," an additional tweet wrote. The backlash continued as many Americans pulled no punches in criticizing Melania Trump.