The New York Giants had what can be best described as a disaster 2017 season. Multiple injuries to star players, combined with underperformance from other stars and coaching doomed them almost right from the start. What should have been a promising year, instead was so bad that a complete rebuild is not out of the question.

Among the main problems was player discipline. Players tuned out to coaching and the results on defense saw three different players suspended by the team for various unprofessional behavior that was a detriment to their teammates.

First round draft pick

No player was the epitome of this dysfunctional team better than Eli Apple. Once a prized recruit and high first-round draft pick, it is likely that Apple may have played his final game for the Giants.

He had numerous run-ins with coaches and teammates who chided him for his immature behavior and poor work ethic. At one point, Apple even threatened to quit the team as he did not like being criticized in the film room. This unfortunate climate reached a head when Apple made an off-color joke to a reporter and the team shut him down for the remainder of the season.

Since his recent suspension, Apple has taken to Twitter to chirp back at his growing number of critics.

Openly telling his team's fan base that he enjoys being hated cannot be something owner John Mara approves of.

He has been very conscious in trying to build both a winning team and one that his loyal fans can be proud of.

This is in response to the maddening decision several years ago to sign kicker Josh Brown after numerous reports regarding his domestic abuse were made public. Standing by Brown was a mistake that the team later acknowledged and promised to do better going forward.

Odell Beckham, voice of reason

A fellow polarizing star on the team is trying to get Apple to see the bigger picture. Odell Beckham reached out in an attempt to get Apple to focus on what is important and be ready for the 2018 season.

Beckham knows all too well what is like to be the target of scorn from angry fans.

He offered some poignant advice that hopefully, Apple will heed. Most of these people that talk trash online are doing so either anonymously or under a pseudonym. Either way, it is that type of secrecy that emboldens people to lash out at celebrities and athletes as they fear no repercussion.

By responding to the tweets, Apple is only giving them more power. Beckham knows this and is the perfect mentor for Apple in this area.

What remains to be seen though is if Apple will take the advice. He has shown in his short career that he answers to no one and it is unlikely this will change anything.