Donald Trump is set to leave the country later this week, but he will be making the trip without his wife. Once the news broke that First Lady Melania Trump would not be accompanying the president, social media had a field day.

Melania and Donald

After Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president, many wondered what role Melania Trump would play in the campaign. As time went on, Melania kept a mostly low profile until her speech at the Republican National Convention. After initially receiving rave reviews, it was quickly revealed that Melania had plagiarized parts of a speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama from a few years earlier.

In the months that followed, Melania was relegated to mostly select speeches and interviews until Trump's election win over Hillary Clinton. Since then, the new first lady has done her best to stay out of the headlines, saving that for her controversial husband. Despite this, Melania has been forced to deal with constant rumors of the president's past infidelities, and even a recent allegation from author Michael Wolff that Trump is currently having an affair in the White House. With speculation running rampant, CNN reported on January 22 that Melania would not be joining the commander in chief during his next foreign trip.

Later on this week, Donald Trump will head to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

While the first couple were getting ready to make the trip together, CNN confirmed the news from East Wing communications director Stephanie Grisham that Melania Trump would be staying behind. The offical reason given by the White House was due to "scheduling and logistical issues," though many suspect that the recent bombshell story that Trump paid off adult porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their reported affair might have had something to do with the decision.

Instant reaction

After the news broke, those who oppose Donald Trump wasted no time chiming in. "The weather there is probably too stormy for her liking," one tweet read in a sarcastic reference to Stormy Daniels.

"I don't know how she can stand to be in the same building with him, let alone confined on a plane," another Twitter user added.

"Will she go if his lawyer offers to pay her $130,000 for him?" an additional tweet added.

"Sounds like 'Stormy' weather got in the way of their plans. Good for her," a follow-up tweet read. "Secretly hoping she’s going to file for divorce while he’s out of the country," a Twitter user wrote.