In the aftermath of his recent comments about select foreign countries being a "sh*thole," Donald Trump has once again been forced to push back against allegations that he's a racist. With the news front and center, some in the media are getting tired of those who continue to support the president's stance on race relations.

MSNBC on Trump

It all started back when Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president in the summer of 2015 as he referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." As expected, Trump quickly faced backlash from the majority of the mainstream media and the American people, who accused the former host of "The Apprentice" of racism.

In the months that followed, Trump would present several controversial policy proposals, as well as make reckless remarks during interviews, speeches, and tweets that caused even more people to speak out an accuse Trump of various forms of prejudice and bigotry. The latest news involves the aforementioned "sh*thole" remark which Trump reportedly used to describe Haiti, El Salvador, and countries in Africa. In response, supporters of the president have raced to his defense, much to the chagrin of some at MSNBC who lashed out during the January 22 broadcast of "Deadline: Inside the White House."

Joining host Nicolle Wallace on Monday was Republican strategist Steve Schmidt. Both Wallace and Schmidt have history together as they both worked on the John McCain and Sarah Palin campaign, but have since been vocal opponents to the current administration.

Schmidt said he was tired of hearing from Trump supporters about what was "in people's hearts," saying " I don’t care what’s in Donald Trump’s heart. I care about the outcome, I care what comes out of his mouth."

"For someone to begin his campaign talking about rapists and murderers coming over the border.

Saying someone was disqualified from the federal bench because they are of Mexican dissent. From the Muslim ban to the world travesty to Charlottesville," Steve Schmidt said as Nicolle Wallace shook her head in agreement. Schmidt then shifted his attention to the recent government shutdown, putting the blame on the GOP and Donald Trump for their "incredible ineptitude."

Moving forward

After just a year in office, Donald Trump still has to spend a considerable amount of time defending himself against allegations of being a racist. In the NBC News/Wall Street Journal released last Friday, Trump's approval number is at 39 percent, with just 8 percent African-American support and 26 percent from Hispanics.