After nearly three full days of a government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans were able to come together and pass a bill to the desk of Donald Trump to reopen the government. Following the president's signature, Donald Trump Jr. took time to gloat on social media.

Trump on Twitter

Once the government shutdown was offical last Friday night at midnight, both the Democratic Party and Republican Party made sure to point the finger of blame at once another. Democrats have been pushing to extend the DACA program which allows protections for illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States as children.

For Republicans, they have taken a hard-line stance on funding for border security, including the construction of a southern border wall. Despite their differences and bickering over the last 72 hours, both sides found a way to compromise on a short-term spending bill that will keep the government funded until February 8. As expected, Donald Trump took a shot at the Democrats before signing the bill into law, which led to his son, Donald Jr., tweeting out his thoughts on January 22.

Taking to Twitter on Monday was Donald Trump Jr. who was happy to brag about his father following the end of the government shutdown.

"Still not tired of winning," Don Jr. tweeted out, while using the hashtags "winning" and "MAGA" before attaching a meme of the president.

"Americans don’t forget that the Schumer Shutdown put illegal immigrants ahead of our military and American children’s insurance," Donald Trump Jr.

posted, before adding, "Just remember where you stood in their eyes." In his final tweet as of pres time, the younger Trump touted the success of the economy via a recent investment announcement by Apple. "This is a big Deal and not one Democrat voted for it... actually this ALONE is more than Dems said would come back into the US Economy, imagine when all other companies do the same!!!" he wrote.

Instant reaction

After Donald Trump sent out his tweets, he was quickly met with heavy backlash from his critics. "Did your Russian friends write this and then you translated it into English or were you able to work this out in English on your own?" one tweet wondered.

"You Criminal.

Your Day is coming MAGA Moron and your entire Trump Crime Family will pay for the #treasonous acts committed," a follow-up tweet stated. "You promised to stay out of politics remember? Just like daddy your word means nothing. And that’s pretty much all a person has isn’t it? That got nothing JR," yet another tweet noted.

"The Trump Crime Family thinks that taking advantage of people, calling names and being the most hated group of people on the planet is 'winning.' They love spreading hate," an additional Twitter user posted. "Let's imagine in 3 years when the deplorables realize nothing has come their way," a social media user wrote.