On Tuesday night, Donald Trump will deliver his State of the Union address. While First Daughter Ivanka Trump showed her excitement on Twitter, she didn't receive the best feedback.

Ivanka on SOTU

Over the last year, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with a wide-range of controversies.

Whether it's been backlash to his policies and reckless rhetoric, or the constant stream of reports and scandals that reflect negatively on the administration, the former host of "The Apprentice" is doing his best to put a positive spin on his presidency and is set to do so in front of millions of viewers during the State of the Union address. For Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter tweeted out how excited she was during a post on January 30.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon, Ivanka Trump was thrilled about attending the State of the Union and meeting the guests of her father and First Lady Melania Trump. "I look forward to meeting @POTUS and @FLOTUS Special Guests at the State of the Union," Ivanka tweeted, while attacking a link to the guests in question.

"Thank you for sharing your stories and serving as an example and inspiration for all Americans," she concluded.

Rapid reaction

After sending out her tweet about the State of the Union, it didn't take long before critics piled on. "Doubt Melania Trump is looking forward to State of the Union," author Joe Papp tweeted back.

"You felt uncomfortable having @chefjoseandres at the party?

You need to work on your low discomfort tolerance," author Jeffrey Guterman wrote in reference to the news that Ivanka had a Hispanic chef removed from a restaurant where she was eating. "Best scenario would be for Mueller to move in on Daddy tonight, handcuff him then deliver the REAL SOTU by releasing the evidence to indict.

Essentially take control of the executive branch, seize all passports, freeze financial assets/bank accounts & set up shop in Oval Office," another tweet stated.

"Perhaps we should invite all NINETEEN women who have accused #Trump of aggression to sit in the front row," yet another tweet added.

"Americans are losing so much income to the country over your hate filled rhetoric and deliberate division not only in America but throughout the whole world," a follow-up tweet stated. With the backlash only continuing, Trump will deliver his State of the Union address at 9 p.m. EST before a joint session of Congress.