With Donald Trump's State of the Union address just hours away, Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN for a lengthy interview. As expected, Conway clashed with CNN host Chris Cuomo over a variety of issues.

Conway on CNN

While 2018 is only a month old, Donald Trump and the administration have been forced to deal with a variety of issues. From the release of "Fire and Fury," to a government shutdown, to his controversial "sh*thole" remarks, the former host of "The Apprentice" has a lot on his plate heading into his State of the Union address. In an attempt to defend his presidency, Kellyanne Conway joined CNN host Chris Cuomo during the January 30 edition of "New Day."

(Conway's Russian defense is at 2:25, Conway's media attack at 9:15 in the above video.)

In yet another heated exchange between the two, Chris Cuomo and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway went back and for while discussing a wide-range of topics, including the ongoing Russian investigation.

After Cuomo pressed Conway on what Trump would be doing to punish Russia for their hacking, the counsel asked, "What did they do in the election?" "They interfered with this election and tried to disrupt our democracy and they’re doing it right now," Cuomo answered.

Kellyanne Conway then attempted to once again bring up Hillary Clinton, asking Chris Cuomo he thinks Russia was the reason why she lost the election. "Do you think that’s why he won and why the person whose name I never mention on TV anymore lost?" she wondered.

In response, Cuomo said, "No...I think you going there by default explains why there’s such resistance."

Conway's media attack

Later in the interview, Kellyanne Conway went on the target the media in the United States and blame them for interfering in the 2016 election. Conway stated that every media outlet that predicted Trump would lose the election and reported on him in a negative way "tried to interfere in the election." "Oh please," Chris Cuomo quickly fired back.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump and members of his team continue to do their best in deflecting from the bad press, the majority of the American people are not standing by the president's side. While Trump's core base has decided to remain loyal, he is continuing to receive push back from many others. In the most recent round of polling, Trump' approval rating is sitting at less than 40 percent as he gets set to deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday night where at least seven Democratic members of Congress have announced that they will not attend as a form of boycott against the commander in chief.