Ever since defeating Hillary Clinton in controversial fashion to become the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has made it a point to bring up the former Secretary of State on a routine basis. While the president has made his feelings known, members of his administration and family are following his lead, including his son Donald Jr.

Don Jr. on Hillary

In recent months, Donald Trump Jr.

has increased his use of social media to defend his father and push back against any and all critics. Whether it's Hollywood celebrities, members of the media, or the Democratic Party, the younger Trump has made it a point to stand by the side of his dad. After Hillary Clinton appeared at the Grammy Awards to read parts of Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" book, Don Jr. went off on a Twitter tirade, which continued during a series of tweets on January 29 and 30.

Taking to Twitter over the last 48 hours, Donald Trump Jr.

has continued to express his disdain for Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. "The left’s never ending attempts to somehow make Hillary cool and likable is exactly what’s wrong with the left," he tweeted, before adding, "You can’t play pool with a rope." Don Jr's tweet comes just a day after lashing out at the Grammy Awards by claiming the more people see Hillary on TV, the more they are grateful for his father's "awesome" presidency.

Instant reaction

Following his latest Twitter attack on Hillary Clinton, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back. "Your the ones constantly bringing up Hillary. Everyone else is trying to forget," Val Broeksmit tweeted.

"Will you guys ever get over Hillary?

Anything to avoid the Russian investigation," another Twitter user wrote. "Hey man do you know that 'you cant play pool with a rope' means you can’t get it up because you drank too much," an additional tweet stated.

"You can't play monogamy with a p*rn star either," yet another tweet read.

"You have issues man. Like real issues. Go talk to a therapist. It'll help you release the anger you have of not being loved by your dad," a social media user posted. "What #DJTJ is daddy upset that for the 16th consecutive year Hillary was the most admired woman in the USA according to Gallup? Must be time for daddy to print up another fake Time Magazine cover that says, 'Everybody loves me?'" another post read. The backlash continued as the divide between the political left and right moves forward.