Unless Republicans and Democrats reach a deal to fund the government before midnight on Friday, the United States government will shut down. While both sides are pointing fingers and blaming each other, a host on Fox News decided to break from the network's conservative narrative to throw shade at the president and the GOP.

Fox News on Trump

The last time a government shutdown took place was back in 2013 when the likes of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and many in the Tea Party caucus took a hard-line stance on spending, most notably over the Continuing Appropriations Resolution for 2014.

Between October 1, to October 17, the federal government was considered "shut down," in what was the third longest shutdown in United States history. Fast forward to present day and Republicans and Democrats are once again caught in a debate about spending, which includes funding for immigration issue like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and border security, as well as the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). On Thursday morning, Trump blamed the Democrats for the potential government shutdown, while also calling for CHIP not to be included in any short term deal. These issues were highlighted during a January 18 segment on Fox News.

During a Thursday broadcast on Fox News, host Shepard Smith ripped into the Repubican Party and Donald Trump for having the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and allowing the possibility of a government shutdown to take place.

After mocking Trump for campaigning in Pennsylvania for a Republican special election instead of working back in Washington, Smith sarcastically commented, "Of course, with one party in charge of everything, a government shutdown will not happen, right?"

"Never in the modern history of the country has there been a government shutdown when a single party is in charge of Washington," Shepard Smith went on to explain.

"Hook, line and sinker. House, Senate, one party in charge," he added, before saying, "That’s it. Republicans have it all."

Double down

Shepard Smith then called out the Republican Party for trying to "dare" Democrats to play hardball with the CHIP funding prior to Donald Trump sending out his tweet. "Seems he wants CHIP funded, but not yet?" Smith wondered, before going on to report that Trump has now reversed his course yet again and is now in agreement with House Speaker Paul Ryan in allowing CHIP to be part of a stopgap spending bill.

Smith has made a name for himself over the last year by becoming one of the rare voices on Fox News to speak out against the current administration and the commander in chief. A vote on a stopgap is scheduled for Thursday night, but it's unknown if the Congress will have enough votes to come together and keep the government funded past Friday night.