On Wednesday night, Donald Trump finally revealed the winners of his long-awaited "Fake News Awards." Following the announced, the president's son decided to give his thoughts on social media.

Don Jr. on 'fake news'

On the day Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, he quickly found himself in a war of words with the majority of the mainstream media. As the month went on during the election, Trump took it upon himself to lash out at the press, often calling out reporters during his rallies, while also singling out news outlets and journalists during his many tweetstorms.

After his upset election win over Hillary Clinton, the president's feud with the press went to the next level after it was revealed that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee with the goal of election Trump. Trump has since taken control of the phrase "fake news" and now uses it to describe any reports that are released and reflect negatively on his administration. The drama between both sides led to Trump creating the first annual "Fake News Awards," which were released on Wednesday night, with New York Times' Paul Krugman getting to top honor for predicting that the stock market would "never recover" after Trump's win. Commenting on this issue was Donald Trump Jr. who did so with a tweet on January 18.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday was Donald Trump Jr. as the outspoken son of the president made sure to poke fun at the media following the "Fake New Awards." "Watching media outlets panic and say they are not as fake as others is really amusing," Don Jr.

tweeted, while using the hashtag "fakenews."

Instant reaction

Not long after Don Jr. sent out his tweet, those who oppose his father and the entire current administration made sure to sound off on social media.

"Watching you guys project your panic about the Mueller investigation onto news outlets as a distraction is really amusing," Josh Sanchez tweeted out.

"Almost as amusing as your perp walk is going to be #dotardjr," an additional tweet added. "I think you need to focus on what Stevie is telling Mueller. Bigger fish there in that pond. It's going to be glorious when all the money laundering your family has been doing comes out to the public," one Twitter user wrote.

"Watching you and your brother try to defend your father is also super amusing. I liked the part where Eric said that your pa only sees the color green.

Is that for envy or is it because he's so Grinchy?" an additional tweet read. "Watching the entire Trump Crime Family being investigated for things you are not even aware of yet is really amusing," a follow-up tweet stated.