A Short Fuse Media Group contractor, Will Caligan, a Disabled Army veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm lost his job due to being attacked by suspected liberal leftists over his views and comments about transgenderism, conservative blog PJ Media reported.

Army veteran Caligan, who suffers from Gulf War Syndrome and is a comic book artist and contracted with Short Fuse Media Group to produce the company’s comic books, commented on a post about rapper Ginuwine, who found himself in a situation when a male-to-female transgender attempted to kiss him.

Ginuwine was later accused of being transphobic when he refused to be kissed and when he rebuffed the advances, the internet accused him of hating transgenders. When Caligan, a Christian conservative, aired his own views, he was attacked by the suspected liberal leftist activists who also pressured his employer, Short Fuse Media Group, to fire him.

Former psychiatrist-in-chief states that transgenderism is a mental disorder

A former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital stated in 2015 that transgenderism is a mental disorder and that sex change is “biologically” impossible, and when Caligan tried to press those facts, the leftists wanted no part of it, posted it on Facebook, and then began targeting his employer and their association with veteran Caligan.

Individuals who went after Caligan statements

The Facebook individuals, who feature comic book like avatars for their photos and it's uncertain if they are using their real names, began posting comments. One person who goes by the name of Malikali Shabazz, posted, “If you are friends with this transphobic piece of s**t you can unfriend me today.

If you associate with anything his non-n***a does don't even bother asking for my help, or if I consider working with you or Short Fuse Media.[sic]”

Another Facebook poster, Hoelho Art, stated in part, “NOTE to all LGBT comic creators and creators who support LGBT equality. Luna Cho has put me onto a problem group of people.

The SFM Group has some leadership that is avidly and openly anti LGBT. Their Editor in Chief, Will Caligan, is highly transphobic and just went on a surprisingly weird gender topical rant. (Caligan is notorious for his objection to Women's Art Awards as well. So I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.) [sic]”

Short Fuse Media Group response

When Caligan reached out to his boss, S. Mack, at Short Fuse Media, it appeared that his boss thought nothing of it as nothing more than opposing views, and was dealing with it and wanted Caligan to figure out how to untangle the mess, on his own. However, after being pressured by the suspected leftists, Short Fuse Media Group turned against Caligan and fired him.

Short Fuse Media Gorup, LLC, stated in a press release, “In order to maintain those principles, the decision has been made from our senior staff to sever ties with Will Caligan and Alpha Dog Studios, effective immediately as a result of comments that were made by Will that were deemed to be offensive by members of the indie comic book community as well as the LGBT Community.”

On his Facebook page, Caligan stated, “So, a lot of you folks know about the incident that went down last week. I have pretty much kept my comments to myself and let the chips fall where they may. Please feel free to come to your own conclusions. It was a molehill that was turned into a mountain. Please share this article and let the world see what is going on.”