jared kushner is tipped to resign next week, following the Flynn deal with Mueller's FBI Russia investigation. Twitter has reacted to a post by @PalmerReport.

"I'm getting inside buzz that Jared Kushner is considering resigning this upcoming week so he can try to quickly cut a deal before Mueller can arrest him. No guarantees, as these things are always fluid (panicked people change their minds), but the sourcing is solid," he posted.

Jared Kushner trashed on Twitter

While there were people who just trolled Kushner because of his relationship to POTUS, and others trashed him with glee as they hope for the downfall of the senior advisor to the president, there was also some intelligent debate on what Kushner might do.

Those who trolled and trashed expressed themselves similarly to the way they do on the @reaDonaldTrump account.

On his resignation and maybe cutting a Mueller deal, one tweeter wrote,"No deal. I want to see this little smarmy punk do some prison time. Not rewarded by letting him return to his privileged life. Now Mueller knows how to really drain a swamp. 45 should take some lessons."

Mueller holds the card now with a deal and insider information

The debate on whether Kushner will actually try and cut a deal with Mueller and toss Trump under the bus was interesting.

There were some good points raised, including this one:

"It’s not what Mueller knows, it’s what he can legally prove. Kushner likely has hard evidence on Trump that no one else does."

There was a response to the question of whether Jared will try and deal with Mueller.

"Resign, yes. Deal, no. He has grown up in a world where money buys everything, even elections. His reaction was ‘do you think they (Mueller) will get the president?’ He can’t fathom it. He thinks Trump will protect him and he will solve Mideast peace & then run for president."

While this is reasoned thinking, another tweet pointed out that while Jared has Trump as a Father-in-law, the pressure may come from his own father to dump Trump.

DRBadTouch pointed out, "It's all Damage limitation now, Jared's father won't allow him to go to prison for Trump. He's the driving force now."

Mueller - will he offer Kushner a deal?

While many people say he won't dish the goods to get himself out of trouble, Jared does have a father who has seen the inside of a prison, and it's not something he would want to experience. Will filial loyalty to his wife and father-in-law keep Jared Kushner's mouth closed? He is bound to have the prison experience fixed in his mind as one person tweeted, "His daddy did federal prison time as well!!


It is all conjecture right now, and even if he does resign and do a deal with Mueller, that will not necessarily keep him out of prison and free from prosecution. Nevertheless, there will no doubt be all sorts of thoughts running through the mind of Jared Kushner this weekend, and most them will involve the name, Mueller.