Trump, @realdonaldtrump send out a tweet on his Twitter account about the missing Argentina Submarine. Trolls and MAGA's immediately got into a war of words over the tweet. President Trump is known across the world as a president who tweets his thoughts and actions every day. This gives those who oppose him ample opportunity to troll him or belittle him.

Trump trolled on twitter over submarine tweet

It seems though, that his supporters very seldom have much to say, refusing to be dragged into a word war on Twitter. This time though, there was an angry reaction from the MAGA's who hit back at the trollers.

The Argentinian government announced that one of their submarines, the "RA San Juan went missing in the South Atlantic last week with 44 crew members aboard," News24 reported.

Searching for Argentina submarine

Contact with the submarine was lost on November 15, according to the Argentine Navy. The vessel was on its way to its base at Mar del Plata, after carrying out training exercises. Before losing contact, the submarine had reported a battery failure issue. While it should have surfaced as per standing orders, it is thought the vessel maybe remained submerged due to rough weather in the area.

International navies including the USA have responded in the search for the submarine, as the rescue window is very limited and is governed by the availability of oxygen.

Trump tweeted that he had actioned help for the search and rescue operation.

Trolls on takedown mission with tweets

Straight away, while what some people would imagine is a fine gesture by the USA, the trolls and opponents of Trump responded with their takedown mission.

"Stop acting heroic," tweeted one opponent.

Another slammed him for "presenting himself as a heroic figure."

Another tweet said, "You want a cookie?

Yay for doing exactly what other presidents would do. You’re bare minimum normal, for once."

MAGA's shout out in support of POTUS

But this time there were more supporters than trolls and they reacted in defense of POTUS.

One gave a simple "thank you" to Trump.

Others were angrier about the trolling, including Argentinians who are very worried about their sailors. "We don’t have time to care about this racism, because we are praying for our brothers in the sea. Thanks to all the countries that are helping us with the search.

We are “brown”, proud and grateful people, Sala tweeted back.

One 'Deplorables' straight out hit at the detractors for being trolls.

Saving submariners trapped underwater is time limited

In the meantime, while the word war between Donald Trump supporters and the haters continues, there are sailors who hopefully are still alive and are waiting for rescue. This is not the first time the USA has sent help to other submarines in trouble. In 2005 CNN reported that they sent help for a Russian Mini-sub with seven sailors trapped underwater.