Donald Trump has made it clear that he's not a fan of Illegal Immigration. While that has been the case in public, a new report claims his views appear even more extreme in private.

Trump on immigration

When Donald Trump first kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, he did so by pushing a message of a border wall between the United States and Mexico, while accusing illegal immigrants of being "rapists" and "murderers." Trump's immigration hard-line continued throughout his campaign and has only picked up stream since his inauguration last January.

Whether it's his controversial travel ban to several Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, or his rumored proposal to separate families at the southern border, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made his thoughts known on the issue. As reported by The New York Times on December 23, Trump has also set his sights on Haiti where he allegedly believes many of the immigrants from the African nation have AIDS.

In a report by the New York Times on Saturday, Donald Trump allegedly made disparaging remarks about immigrants from Haiti and other countries during a meeting last June.

Trump reportedly said Haitian immigrants "all have AIDS," while worrying that those from Nigeria would never want to "go back to their huts" in Africa. The president also expressed frustration that immigrants from Middle Eastern countries, such as Afghanistan, come from a "terrorist haven."

Twitter response

After the news broke of Donald Trump's alleged remarks about immigrants, critics wasted no time firing back.

"Mentally ill people should not be allowed to serve as president. It is in the constitution. I think it’s the 25th amendment. It’s time America! Wake up wake up before it’s too late!" one tweet read.

"OMG This man just has to validate his bigotry everyday!" an additional tweet stated.

"Man, what next? There is no WH staff to slow this down. Pop the popcorn, this is going to be awesome!! I love the smell of self destruction," another Twitter user wrote.

"I have no doubt he uttered these words & is mostly the same reason he got elected. Ignorance is all around us folks. It's up to us who are more enlightened to make the changes for all Humanity," yet another tweet stated.

"Not surprised, still shocked. You’d think we would be used to this orange bag of blubbering nonsense by now," a follow-up tweet read. The negative reaction continued as the opposition to Donald Trump and his polices shows no signs of ending.