As Republicans passed the controversial tax bill through Congress which was signed into law by Donald Trump, the consensus among most Americans is that the bill is just another negative reflection ogf the entire GOP. With Congress headed home for the holidays, two female hosts on MSNBC decided to expose the reality of the Republican Party.


For the last 11 months, the American people have been dealing with what many thought would be the unthinkable in the form of the presidency of Donald Trump.

After a controversial campaign that was accused of sexism, racism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, and other forms of bigotry, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to find a way to weather the storm and win the election. Since then, Trump's administration has been marred by controversy and scandal, with the Russian investigation heating up around the White House. While Trump and the Republican Party were successful in their recent passing of the tax bill, multiple polls show Americans are getting fed up with Trump-style politics, which was evident when Doug Jones became the first Democrat in 30 years to win a Senate seat in Alabama. These issues and more were highlighted during the December 22 edition of "Deadline White House" on MSNBC.

Joining host Nicolle Wallace on Friday was fellow MSNBC host Joy Reid as the women discussed the negative stigma currently surrounding Donald Trump the GOP leading up to the elections in 2018.

"That's what elections are about," Reid said, before rhetorically asking, "who has the energy?" "Right now it's people of color, women, and young voters," Reid went on to explain, stating, "And the energy is anti Republican and anti Trump." The host "A.M. Joy" detailed the need for Democrats to continue to mobilize "people of color" and "young people," two of the voting blocs that traditionally stay home during the midterms.

"His (Trump) staff woke up today after the tax bill and said 'Houston we have a problem,'" Nicolle Wallace said later on in reference to a recent story in the Washington Post detailing the trouble in the White House for the president moving forward. "This tax bill is not going to erase all the perceived sins of Donald Trump and Trump-ism ahead of the midterm election," she added.

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As the pressure mounts on Donald Trump and the Republican Party heading into 2018, all signs point to a tough midterm election with victories likely for the Democrats. According to historical data and information, the political party in power loses seats during off elections, and with Trump's approval down to just 35 percent, Democrats are expected make much-needed gains in the Senate and House of Representatives.