Donald Trump has decided to add his signature phrase to his presidential Challenge Coin in a shift from the tradition of president's before him. In response, social media had a few words.

Trump's coin

As with anything involving Donald Trump, the commander in chief has decided to break from tradition when it comes to the annual presidential "challenge coin." Over the last 20 years, presidents have had their named engraved in the coin with the phrase “E pluribus unum," which translates to "Out of many, one" pressed above. While this has been the case for some time, the former host of "The Apprentice" made a change by scrapping "E pluribus unum" and replacing it with his popular campaign slogan "Make America Great Again." The story first broke in the Washington Post on December 22, which quickly resulted in mockery and trolling on Twitter.

On the coin in question, "E pluribus unum" has been replaced with "Make America Great Again," while the traditional presidential seal has been eliminated and instead replaced by Donald Trump's signature. The "MAGA" logo is visible not just on the front, but also on the back of the coin.

Twitter reacts

Once the news of the challenge coin changes made the rounds, critics of the president had a little fun on social media. "History will remember him as a brand, not an American President," former congressman David Jolly tweeted out.

"Trump is branding American democracy like one of his gaudy hotels.

I'm assuming this is what his voters wanted: an incompetent attempt at a banana republic," Wajahat Ali of the New York Times posted. "Mr Bone Spurs has put himself on the Challenge Coin. God I hate this egotistical, vile a$$hole," another tweet read. "It is beyond fitting that Trump deleted 'e Pluribus Unum' ,out of many, one, from the Presidential coin.

Our national motto sums up our nation’s deepest aspirations. Trump has never shown even the slightest respect for the motto and what it stands for," Neal Katyal wrote.

"This is embarrassing and disgraceful," a follow-up tweet read, while writing, "It's unethical, too.

A campaign slogan on the challenge coin for the commander in chief? Gross." "Never forget that Trump is the tackiest man to walk the planet," an additional tweet added. The backlash continued as Donald Trump's ego was once again the source of endless humor for his critics and others looking to poke fun at the president has he lands at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort for the holidays.