The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday (Dec. 6) that an audio copy of actor and singer Corey Feldman’s recorded 1993 interview has been found, according to several news agencies. Feldman has been steadfast in stating that there was a recording and that he cited the names of alleged Hollywood sexual predators to officers who were investigating Michael Jackson at the time. A report by the Huffington Post confirmed this information.

According to Kelly Hoover, public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, inquiries following interviews of Feldman by Dr.

Oz and the "Today Show” led to officers looking for “items remaining” after the Jackson investigation. The Huffington Post noted that Feldman’s interview is being given to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Since the audio recordings entail accusations of molestation involving a child, the Sheriff’s Office is not offering additional comments or documents related to “evidence” or the case, FOX News reported. When the news organization contacted the Sheriff’s agency originally in October, FOX was informed that Santa Barbara officers’ records did “not indicate” that Feldman named any specific suspects.

Feldman gave law enforcement names of alleged predators

When Feldman was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the “Today Show,” the actor stated that he sat with officers and that he “gave them names.” He further said that the names of those he cited as alleged child predators are “on record” and that the Sheriff’s officers “have all this information,” FOX relayed.

During his interview with Dr. Oz in November, Feldman stated that he did tell police in 1993, as well, that he was victimized as a young actor. When Feldman reported his accusations of sexual assault to the LAPD, the department did launch an investigation. Due to the statute of limitations having expired, though, the police “dropped” the investigation, according to People.

Actor says accused abusers ‘still working’ in Hollywood

In his 2013 “Coreyography” memoir, Feldman asserted that both he and now-deceased friend and fellow actor Corey Haim were sexually victimized by people entrenched in Hollywood. The industry professionals that he alleges abused the two “are still working,” he claimed and People reported.

While doing the press junket to promote his book, Feldman appeared on “The View” and stated that his alleged abusers are “some of the most rich and powerful” in Hollywood.

As an effect of having told law enforcement about the alleged abuse that he and Haim reportedly suffered, Feldman has stated that he now lives in fear, FOX 61 and the Huffington Post reported. According to Feldman, he fears retaliation for his efforts at exposing sexual predators.

Accuser ‘never went back’ to authorities, fearing retaliation

The two men Feldman claims molested him when he was a child are actor Jon Grissom and Martin Weiss, a convicted sex offender, and a former talent manager. After going to authorities in 1993, Feldman “never went back” to law enforcement due to his fear of retaliation, the Post reported.

Feldman has alleged to both “The View” and the Hollywood Reporter that child actors from his era were passed around between “movie-industry insiders,” CBN News relayed. Additionally, Feldman does caution parents who seek to have their children work in the entertainment industry, saying that they should “do so carefully.”