On the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Donald Trump honored veterans of World War Ii . During a speech at the White House, the president made several comments that left many scratching their heads.

Trump on World War II

On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing over 2,400 Americans and destroying hundreds of military aircraft and naval vessels. The attack kicked of the United States' involvement in the World War II, as they took the side of the Ailes and eventually came out the winners by defeating the Axis, which was comprised of Germany, Japan, Italy, and others.

To honor the anniversary on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, both Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump gave their thoughts on Twitter, but quickly came under fire for their mistakes. Melania first got the date of Pearl Harbor wrong, incorrectly labeling it at November 7. Around the same time, Trump attempted to quote former President Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous comment about Pearl Harbor when he said it would be a "date that will live in infamy." Trump, however, accidentally used the word "day" instead of date. Despite this, the president honored World War II veterans at the White House, as reported by Raw Story on December 7.

While honoring those who risked their lives for the United States during the war, Donald Trump made a few comments that have since come under fire.

"We are building up the military beyond what you ever thought,” Trump told the veterans in attendance, in regards to his plan to increase the budget of the current military. "We got depleted," he claimed, before adding, "Not with us."

"Our budget will be higher than ever before.

We’re building that up again," Donald Trump gloated. Trump then turned to veteran George Blake, and curiously said that the solider was "ready to repulse a feared invasion" during Pearl Harbor. Not stopping there, the president went on to describe the attacks as a "pretty wild scene." The veterans nodded their head, as Trump's World War II speech wrapped up at the White House as his first year in office inches closer to coming to an end.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump struggles to get through Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the commander in chief has even more pressing issues on his plate. With the future of health care still a mystery, questions remain about the Russian election investigation, and where the United States stands on issues dealing with North Korea, Israel, and the Middle East.