Many times people say what they would like to do to law officials. Many times there is a verbal threat against people in the judicial system, but they don't carry out the threat. However, that was not the case with a woman whose threats went much further than merely talking about them. She was arrested when she attempted to carry out a threat to slash a Judge's throat.

The threat

Valerie Mitchell threatened to do bodily harm to Judicial Circuit Court Judge Jason Sengheiser, who ordered her to pay $17,808.04 for missed car payments on her 2014 Nissan Sentra.

She was also ordered to return the vehicle after the Scott Credit Union sued her over breach of contract. Mitchell thought the ruling was unfair, and she sought to retaliate against the judge. Court documents show that between October 26 and November 2, 2017, Mitchell made threats and eventually tried to carry them out.

First, the woman called the courthouse and the court of appeals several times announcing her threats. She even posted them on Facebook. Judge Sengheiser is a quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair. Mitchell said she knows where he parks, and she would meet him at the wheelchair ramp, jump on him and cut his throat.

Cost of threats

She really did attempt to do exactly what she said. When she showed up at the Civil Courts building, deputies were waiting for her.

Sheriff’s Captain Donald Robinson said Mitchell had a box cutter with a blade that was nearly seven inches long. It was wrapped in a scarf inside her backpack. When deputies tried to detain her, she attacked one of them by hitting him with her fist in his face. It took four deputies to eventually arrest Mitchell. She is being held in jail with a bail set at $10,000.

What do you think about this situation? Do you see the various things Mitchell did wrong? There were several verbal threats. Then there were written threats on social media. She had the box cutter as a weapon to carry out her threat, and she actually went to the courthouse to do what she had vowed to do. Finally, she assaulted a police officer as she resisted arrest.

The Country Club Hills resident is in a lot of trouble. She made matters worse, and now she has to pay for her actions. Unfortunately, the $10,000 bail is in addition to the almost $18,000 for the missed car payments. Then she is missing days from work because she is spending time in jail. Besides all that, her car was repossessed and she no longer has her vehicle.