The Golden State Warriors current defending champions of the NBA have reached an unseen level of dominance which has seen the 2018 NBA Title race not competing them against any other team it is whether any other team has a chance against this Warriors team.

However, before anybody starts preparing for another Warriors championship parade in the summer of 2018 through the Bay Area, this Warriors must complete their first successful title defense in the history of the franchise. And some potential threats between the season opener in October and the NBA Finals in June are more than enough to see the Warriors become unsuccessful in their NBA title defense.

There are both external and internal threats

Some potential obstructions to the title defense arise from both conferences in the NBA. An NBA offseason that has been headlined by multiple all-stars moving to new teams which have changed the NBA landscape into a comparable minefield of lockdown defenders, offensive magicians, and superstars that can do both.Within the Warriors team, they aim not to believe they are unstoppable in this league and switching to cruise control during the season.

Why LeBron James is the Warriors' biggest threat

The last time an NBA Final did not feature LeBron James was in 2010 where we saw 2008 NBA MVP Kobe Bryant and six-time NBA All-star Pau Gasol lead the Los Angeles Lakers past the Boston Celtics with NBA All-stars Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen.

The four-time MVP is one of the very few players that can arguably be considered the greatest basketball player of all time. James has undoubtedly been the most dominant player in the NBA throughout his career. Standing at 6'8 and weighing in at 250 pounds along with his supernatural instincts, exceptional intelligence, and abnormal athleticism.

There is no doubt that the basketball gods built James' body, however, despite all his physical tools, it might be his brain that is his deadliest weapon.

LeBron James and the Golden State Warriors have faced off in the previous three NBA Finals. And even though James has only won one of the three series for the championship he has had Finals performances for the ages averaging 32.8 points, 12.2 rebounds, 9.2 assists and five triple-doubles over 18 contests in the three NBA Finals.

There is no doubt that James is the greatest threat to the Warriors. Even though the Warriors have a better bench than the Cavaliers and Father Time is closing in on the best player in the world if the Warriors were going to fall to an underdog, it would be the one that some consider the greatest ever to do it.Outside of their organization, there is no bigger threat to this Warriors' team.