Ever since joining her father's administration as special assistant, First Daughter Ivanka Trump has spent time speaking out for ending Sex Trafficking around the world. After sending out a tweet on the matter, Ivanka was quickly met with backlash from critics of the White House.

Ivanka on Twitter

In the year and a half that Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, many wondered if he would have what it takes to actually win the general election and become president. After surprising many by locking up the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer, the likelihood that Trump would defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton still appeared slim.

Just one month prior to Election Day, the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape was made public, revealing the private sexual remarks Trump made about using his fame to be able to convince women to let him touch them. Over the next four weeks, nearly a dozen women came forward to accuse the former host of "The Apprentice" of various acts of sexual assault and harassment. Despite this, the allegations were never confirmed and Trump went on to defeat Clinton and win the election. Over the next few months, Trump added his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to his administration, in a possible attempt to appeal to female voters and improve his poll numbers. Since then, Ivanka has focused on women's rights issues, including ending human trafficking around the world, which was seen in a November 8 tweet on the subject.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday night, Ivanka Trump gave a shout out to Republican Sen.

Rob Portman for co-authoring and helping move forward the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act which aims to prevent the spread of human trafficking on the internet. One of the bill's main goals is to make it easier to penalize website operators who take part in online sex trafficking, and will soon make it to the Senate floor.

"Thank you @senrobportman for your leadership. Great to see the public & private sector come together in support of this bipartisan legislation to stop sex trafficking online," Ivanka Trump tweeted. In conclusion, Ivanka added, "We must combat human trafficking in all its evil forms."

Twitter responds

Not long after Ivanka Trump sent out her tweet, those who oppose Donald Trump and the current administration decided to fire back. "Hey Ivanka, how’s it feel to know the country just rebuked your daddy last night??" one tweet read.

After a tweet asked what Ivana Trump actually does in the White House, another Twitter user responded, "No one really know.

We do know that she produces a line of crappy clothing in China & pays the women in the sweatshop $62 weekly.Daddy's girl alright." "I believe them. 16 women have come forth saying Trump assaulted them. Sexual predation is never acceptable," an additional tweet added.

"What's your stand on sexual harassment ?

Your daddy dearest thinks it's okay to grab YOU or any woman by their private area," yet another Twitter user rhetorically asked. As the reactions continued, it was clear that many Americans are still not thrilled with Donald Trump in the White House.