The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas booted O.J. Simpson from the premises on Wednesday night, yet it is unclear why he was kicked out and banned from the Las Vegas hotel-casino. Malcolm LaVergne is Simpson’s lawyer. He reportedly said Simpson received a trespass notice from the hotel on Wednesday evening but the reason is vague, according to KSNV.

Las Vegas hotel not disclosing details, banning O.J. Simpson

According to LaVergne, there was some type of problem that the hotel has not disclosed. Even without knowing exactly what the problem was or why he was banned, Simpson contacted his parole officer and had alcohol and drug testing after the “incident” at the hotel, KSNV reported.

LaVergne further stated that Simpson’s tested negative. The attorney claims that Simpson was neither drunk nor belligerent while at the Cosmopolitan, which stated that it doesn’t “comment on its guests,” according to U.S. News & World Report.

Conflicting reports surround what happened Wednesday in Vegas

The Oregonian pointed out that there are conflicting reports whether the 70-year-old football Hall of Fame, former running back was drunk when he was reportedly escorted off the property Wednesday night. If drunk, Simpson would be in violation of parole conditions. Simpson was released on parole from prison in Nevada just last month.

Simpson served nine years following his conviction for armed robbery that stemmed from his 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia from a hotel room also in Las Vegas.

The Washington Post also noted that there are discrepancies between media accounts of events that happened at the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday and that the hotel reportedly confirmed that it did, in fact, ban Simpson. Several media outlets reported that Simpson was escorted from the property but police were not involved since the hotel-casino is private property.

LaVergne explained that the hotel simply “exercised its right to issue a trespass notice,” the Oregonian reported. He stated that the Cosmopolitan is just like any private property, which has “the right to tell any person” that he or she is trespassing. In Nevada, a person can be told not to return to a private property. If the person does return, he or she is “subject to misdemeanor arrest,” he stated.

With that in mind, KSNV reported that O.J. Simpson is “likely” to be arrested, as well as find himself before a judge if he returns to the Cosmopolitan. Under those circumstances, a judge could revoke Simpson’s parole.

Hotel-casino only saying media reports are ‘inaccurate’

The Cosmopolitan and its representatives declined to answer questions, the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted. The hotel released a statement that clearly reads that reports about what allegedly happened at the hotel with Simpson are “inaccurate.”

Regardless of the sketchy details surrounding why Simpson was banned or what many news organizations are speculating transpired on Wednesday night, Louis Schneider is an attorney who stated that he believes the evening’s events will prompt a visit from a parole officer, according to KSNV.