Colin Fears, his brother William Fears and companion Tyler Tenbrink are friends as well as renowned white supremacist. The three men were arrested and charged with attempted homicide after they attacked a group of demonstrators at a Richard Spencer rally at a Florida University.

White supremacist shoots at protestors

The altercation began when Tenbrink started arguing with protestors, who were demonstrating at the event. Witnesses told police officers that he jumped from his Jeep brandishing a handgun, and shoots at the crowd after receiving encouragement from the Fears brothers.

Tenbrink fired a single bullet that missed his intended targets and hits a nearby building. The shooter fled the scene, but one of the demonstrators had already recorded his license plate number. The police later arrested them on Interstate 75. According to the officers, Tenbrink and William Fears were well-known white supremacists.

Tyler Tenbrink's white supremacist history

Tenbrink is from Richmond, Texas, who claimed he attended Spencer's rally at Gainesville because of threats from the radical left. He was also at another event held at the Texas State Capitol building last June. Last December he was seen at another Richard Spencer's gathering at the Texas A&M University.

According to Tenbrink, his primary motivation is the “14 words”, it is a popular white supremacist slogan.

William Fears storied history

He is one of the Fears brothers from Pasadena Texas; he credits Hillary Clinton for introducing him to the "alt-right." William Fears said he joined the movement after he heard Clinton criticizing them. Reportedly, he attended several events where Spencer was a guest speaker. Also, he was at the Texas A&M University rally where he described himself as an Internet troll.

Previously, William Fears was charged with the kidnapping and injuring of an 18-year-old Texas university student. Fears claimed that his radicalization occurred during his time in prison. However, according to his criminal record, there were several violent incidents in his storied past.

Colton Fears angry at attacks on southern heritage

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Colton Fears said he was tired of being demonized for defending his radical beliefs. Before going to hear Spencer speak in Gainesville, Colton had taken part in the Charlottesville rally. He had also attended a counter-protest organized by the Houston Socialist Movement. After attending the event, Colton posted a 13-minute video on his YouTube channel accusing the mainstream media of attacking their southern heritage.