President Donald J. Trump will pay $430,000.00 to fund lawyer fees for several White House aides. Reportedly Trump's aides had already racked up massive legal bills in the Russian interference probe. So, the President agreed to pay the legal fees for those who were instrumental in his White House bid.

Donald Trump calls Russian investigation a witch hunt

Trump made this commitment after alleging that the investigation was a witch hunt by the Democrats. According to Trump, the Democratic party raised the inquiry to explain Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

However, the structure of the payouts wasn’t immediately clear. And the names of the election aides were not publicized.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller and the House and Senate Committee's investigation continues to gather steam. Mueller and his team have been busy interviewing former and current White House officials. Reportedly, Trump’s campaign workers have already handed over thousands of documents. But now, they will also have to pay a sizeable amount to cover their legal expenses as well.

A former aide Michael Caputo reportedly used his children’s college education funds to pay his legal expenses. The Republican National Committee and the President’s re-election officials have already paid a large part of their expenses.

However, the rising legal costs continue to be a massive headache for many in Donald Trump’s campaign team

Donald Trump Jr has legal woes

It was also reported that Donald Trump Jr, had paid large legal fees to the lawyer representing him. He had met with a Russian lawyer, who claimed he could provide damning information about the Democratic Party nominee.

President Trump, however, continues to reject the Russian government interference in the election and expressed doubts about the assessment of the intelligence committee. The continued focus on Russia’s role in assuring him the election victory have riled him. He believes the probe is a deliberate and concerted attempt to delegitimize his presidency.

The President also contends that Hillary Clinton spent more on her election campaign than he did, after his offer to reimburse his aides' legal expenses were criticized. Norman Eisen, an ethics lawyer in the Barack Obama administration, likened the U.S. President’s action to influencing a potential witness. Eisen also suggested that Donald Trump’s effort should draw a lot of scrutiny from the American people.