Alex Croft is facing federal charges for trying to open an emergency exit on United Airlines Flight 914 on September 30. During a flight from Paris to Washington Dulles International Airport, Croft allegedly attempted to open the exit door three times, according to an affidavit the FBI filed and the Washington Post.

Douglas M. Mohl, an FBI special agent, noted that Croft created an in-flight disturbance. A flight attendant served him a glass of red wine during the flight’s first beverage service, according to an affidavit filed on October 2 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Mohl identified the flight attendant as LR in his sworn affidavit. He stated that LR noticed that Croft’s eyes seemed to be “medicated” after she served him the glass of wine, the Washington Post reported. His ability to comprehend information was allegedly dulled, too, according to LR and several news sources.

Flight attendants served passenger no more than one glass of wine

The flight attendant, LR, who was concerned after observing Croft and his impaired ability to understand. According to the Post and Mohl’s affidavit, LR told other flight attendants that Croft should not be served alcohol. When LR went to the galley, in the rear of the plane, she reportedly discovered Croft standing and holding a bottle of wine.

Though the flight attendant didn’t know where Croft got the bottle, she took it from him. Croft, then, went back to his seat.

A second flight attendant was identified by the FBI as AS. Flight attendant AS told Mohl that she noticed Croft was peering out a window close to an emergency exit at the rear of the plane, the Post wrote.

He purportedly told flight attendant AS that he needed to get off the plane and tried to open the emergency exit. The flight attendant told him to go back to his seat in 40D.

Around five minutes passed when Croft went back to the area near the exit and, once again, attempted to open the emergency exit, Mohl wrote in the affidavit and the Post relayed.

After Croft was physically restrained, flight attendant AS had to physically remove him from the exit area.

Federal air marshal investigates, protected emergency exit

There was a Federal Air Marshal also aboard Flight 914. The air marshal is referenced only as DD in the affidavit. Mohl stated that DD heard the flight attendant AS yelling, “Sir, sir!” The marshal went to the rear of the plane to investigate the disturbance, according to the Post, Federal marshal DD reportedly saw Croft return to his seat again.

The flight attendant, AS, told air marshal DD that Croft allegedly tried to open the exit door. The air marshal didn’t identify himself yet he stayed and remained standing near the emergency exit door, the Post noted.

Around 45 minutes before landing at Dulles International, Croft returned to the emergency exit door and, once, again, he allegedly tried to open the door while Flight 914 was still en route to the airport.

Air marshal broke cover, restrained passenger

Air marshal DD broke his cover and identified himself as a federal air marshal. He restrained Croft, according to the Points Guy. Throughout the remainder of the flight to Dulles, Croft was restrained. When the plane landed, Croft was detained by police officers from Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority and Customs and Border Patrol Agents (CBP). Croft was escorted to a holding cell in an area of Customs and Border Protection where he was arrested.

Passenger accused of interfering with flight crew, flight attendants

Croft is accused of violating Title 49, United States Code, Section 46504. The statute relates to interfering with a flight crew or flight attendants, the Post reported. Mohl stated in the affidavit that he believes there is probable cause presented as a result of Croft’s alleged conduct aboard Flight 914.

Croft is being represented by a federal public defender, Elizabeth A, Mullin, according to the Post. She declined to comment respective of her client or the accusations he is facing. No identifying information, aside from Croft’s name, was cited in the affidavit filed by the FBI.