There is a wacky story coming out of Casper, the second largest city in Wyoming. According to local news station KCWY News 13, a man was arrested earlier this week on charges of public intoxication. However, he declared that he was a time traveler from the future and proceeded to issue a strange and ominous warning to police.

Police confront a time traveler in Casper

Casper City Police were sent out following a report that there was a man saying that he was a time traveler from the future. According to court records, police confronted the man, later identified as Bryant Johnson, over his ludicrous behavior.

Things only got stranger from there, as Johnson continued to persist with the narrative that he was indeed a time traveler. To be exact, he was claiming to have come from the year 2048, 31 years from now. However, Johnson wasn't here to warn about killer robots like in “The Terminator” but to alert people to humanity's other biggest foe, aliens.

Johnson warns of an impending alien invasion

Johnson stated that the reason he was in Casper was to notify people of the impending Alien Invasion that was going to come in 2018. He was warning people because they need to leave the town as quickly in order to avoid it. Court records also revealed that Johnson demanded to talk to the president of the city and that he refused to speak to any other person.

Despite that statement, he reportedly continued to blabber to officers about how exactly he had traveled through time. He stated that he had been able to go back in time from the future by having the aliens load up his body with alcohol. They then had him go on to a massive pad in order to finish the process.

Arrested for public intoxication

Johnson said that the pad would transport him to this current year but then stated how he expected to be in 2018 instead. Police noted in their report that he had bloodshot eyes, as well as somewhat slurred speech and that he reeked of alcohol, clearly showing all the signs of a time traveler from the future.

Police had Johnson take a portable blood level test, which showed to no one's surprise that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.136. He was then arrested for public intoxication, which is classified as a common misdemeanor in the state, following the test.

Naturally, many on social media had fun with Johnson's wild story of being a time traveler from the future. After all, it is not every day that someone from the future takes the time to go to Wyoming. Though if our future alien overlords do invade next year will we all be wondering why we did not heed Mr. Johnson's warning?