Because a 3-year-old girl would not drink her milk, her father put her outside the house on Saturday at 3 a.m. When Wesley Mathews went outside 15 minutes later, the Child was nowhere to be found. He went back inside the house hoping the child would come back into the house on her own. He called police five hours later. Mathews was arrested on Saturday for abandoning or endangering a child and released on Sunday on a $250,000 bond. However, the special needs little girl is still missing.

Child's description

Sherin was adopted from an orphanage in India two years ago.

She is described as Asian who stands 3 feet tall and weighs about 22 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. The missing child suffers from developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills. When she was put out of the house, she was wearing black pajama bottoms, a pink top, and pink flip-flops.

The girl’s mother did not face charges because she was asleep and knew nothing about the unfortunate event until much later. Officials with Texas Child Protective Services have removed the child's 4-year-old sister from the house.

Search for child

Richardson, Texas police are still looking for Sherin Mathews, but they have had no success in finding the child. An Amber Alert was in effect but was discontinued on Monday afternoon.

The 37-year-old father admitted that he told his daughter to stand next to a tree about 100 feet away from the house across from an alley. Mathews told police coyotes had been seen in the area. However, there were no signs that one may have dragged the girl away. Railroad tracks are in the back of the house. All of these things describe a bad place for a child to be in the dark.

Neighbors have helped search for the girl, but no clues have been found. Police have made contact with sex offenders in the area, but they have come up with absolutely no leads in this bizarre case. Members of Emmanuel Bible Chapel in Irving, where Sherin and her parents are members, helped with the search.

Police investigation

Investigators are reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood to see if there are any clues about Sherin's disappearance. The investigation is ongoing, but police admit they are baffled about this case mainly because the father knew the danger of putting a special needs child outside at night and then waiting five hours before calling authorities after he discovered she was missing. Even though the Richardson Police Department is doing everything possible to locate the child, they believe there is more to the story than they have been told.