In the nine months that Donald Trump has been the President of the United States, he's seen a constant rotation of staff members with many getting fired, resigning or deciding to quit. The latest drama surrounds recently hired Chief Of Staff John Kelly, though the president is pushing back.

Trump on John Kelly

After Donald Trump pulled of the surprising upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he vowed to change the culture in the White House and in Washington. One promise that he made was to hire only the "best" people to contribute to his administration.

As Trump rolled out his cabinet nominees and other positions on his staff, questions were quickly raised as to whether or not his selections would be able to last. Despite Trump's promises, Trump's team has unraveled, with names like Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Reince Preibus, and Sean Spicer all exiting the White House for one reason or another. Just last week, NBC News reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blew up at the president, calling him a "f**king moron." To add on to the feud with Tillerson, Vanity Fair reported this week that Chief of Staff John Kelly "doesn't love his job" and is "fighting a lot" with Trump. As seen on his Twitter account on October 10, the former host of "The Apprentice" is not happy with the media.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Tuesday night, Donald Trump lashed out at the media for their reporting of his alleged rift with John Kelly.

"The Fake News is at it again, this time trying to hurt one of the finest people I know, General John Kelly, by saying he will soon be fired," Trump tweeted out.

In a follow-up post, Donald Trump doubled down on his support for John Kelly.

"This story is totally made up by the dishonest media," Trump wrote, before adding, "The Chief is doing a FANTASTIC job for me and, more importantly, for the USA!"

Next up

Despite Donald Trump insisting that everything is fine behind the scenes at the White House, multiple reports continue to confirm the dissension within the administration. On Tuesday morning, Forbes magazine published an interview with the president who responded to the allegations that Rex Tillerson called him a "f**king moron," by doubting the story before challenging his Secretary of State to an IQ test. With the pressure mounting on the commander in chief, his current poll numbers don't look to be improving, as his favorability rating has dropped to just 35 percent.