Sherin Matthews is three-years-old and she is missing in Richardson, TX. An Amber alert was issued for the little girl on Saturday and is still active. Wesley Matthews, 37 is her father. He told Richardson police that he took his little girl outside at 3 AM to discipline her for not drinking her milk, according to Richardson police and multiple news agency reports.

After taking the toddler outside, according to NBC 5, he told her to stand by a large tree approximately 100 feet from the backyard fence at the Matthews’ home, which is in an upscale neighborhood.

When he allegedly went outside to get the little girl, roughly 15 minutes later, his daughter was missing.

Family took five hours to report adopted child missing

The Matthews’ family waited nearly five hours to report Sherin missing on Saturday morning, Sergeant Kevin Perlich stated, according to KING 5. He told a police detective that he “knew coyotes had been seen in the alley, which is where he left his daughter. The alley behind the Matthews’ home is also near railroad tracks, which run behind the home. At this time, police are trying to discern why the family didn’t report Sherin missing for five hours, according to NBC.

One of Matthews’ neighbors, requesting that his name not be cited by CBS (Dallas-Fort Worth), reportedly stated that Matthews and his wife were struggling to conceive a child.

The couple had a daughter, a year older than Sherin. The neighbor also said that roughly 18 months ago, the couple adopted Sherin from India.

According to the neighbor, the Matthews believed their older child was a miracle baby that “God gave them,” CBS reported. The unidentified neighbor said, the couple thought they could “help another little one” who didn’t have a family, so they adopted.

Richardson police also stated that Sherin was adopted from an orphanage in India two years ago, NBC5 reported.

Police used canvassed neighborhood with search dogs, no leads

Police still have no leads or information about the little girl’s whereabouts. On Saturday morning and afternoon, Perlich explained that search teams, with dogs, went house-to-house in the Matthews’ neighborhood.

He said the police are trying to “pick up any type of scent” or clothing items that might give law enforcement a lead to help find the toddler.

The three-year-old has black hair and brown eyes. She is three-feet tall and weighs 22 pounds. She was last seen wearing pink flip-flops and a pink top, as well as black pajama bottoms. According to police, Sherin has “limited verbal communication skills" and developmental issues, NBC reported.

Investigators towed family vehicles, arrested toddler’s father

Police investigators also towed a minivan and two SUVs from the Matthews’ home, searching for “any potential evidence,” KING 5 reported. The three vehicles that police towed should be processed today, according to NBC.

The toddler and her family are members of Emmanuel Bible Chapel, Irving. Church members printed and posted fliers in the family’s neighborhood and surrounding the Richland Meadows area, according to NBC. “I can’t believe I have to do this right now,” church member Joanna Cherian said. She stated that she never thought she’d see the day that “the cutest baby in our church has gone missing.”

Sherin’s father has been arrested on child endangerment charges, NBC relayed. Matthews’ bond is set at $250,000. Richardson police are asking that anyone who has information about the toddler or her location to contact police at (972) 744-4800.

Jose Cherian, a church elder, issued a public plea for anyone who may have the toddler, asking the person to bring her back and “report” to Richardson police. He said, “God will reward you.”