The letter that former President Barrack Obama left for Donald Trump has been released online. The letter is long and is full of advice and congratulations for Donald Trump as he takes on the role of the President of the United States. Obama signed off the letter by telling Trump that he and Michelle will be there if needed in whatever capacity they can be.

The former President left a letter for Trump

According to CNN, the former President of the United States Barrack Obama left a letter for the Donald Trump and signed it Mr. President. The letter has been leaked to the media and the public is very interested in what Obama had to say to Trump just as he was leaving his final term as president.

In a report by The Root, it has been confirmed that Barrack Obama left President Trump with a letter twice the size of the letter he received. In this letter, Obama passed on the advice for Trump to make time for his family and friends, as they will ground him during the difficulties patches of his presidency.

Obama also reminded President Trump about the responsibilities of being the President of the United State. He stated that it is up to the President to continue on democracy in the best way that he can, as he is the advocate for the entirety of the United States.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama also stated that a lot of American's had put their faith in Trump and that it was his job to meet their faith.

Obama spoke of the challenges of being president and offered Trump further pieces of advice.

Trump has openly talked about the letter, which he received

According to the Mail Online, Donald Trump has confirmed that the letter from the former president of the United States was in fact real. During an interview with ABC News, Trump produced the envelope and claimed that he was very grateful for the letter that he received.

He stated that it the letter was complex and full of thought and he revealed that he tried to make a phone call to Barrack Obama to thank him for the letter. However, Obama was traveling with his family to California at the time and was unable to take the call.

While Trump did reveal the letter during the interview, he did not read it aloud.

The passing down of letters to the next president is a long-standing tradition in the White House. It has been confirmed that Barrack Obama received a letter of his own from President George Bush and continued the tradition in leaving Trump a letter.

While Trump has stated that he is grateful for the letter, he has continued to criticize Obama throughout his term in the presidency.