It looks like Barack and Michelle Obama are easing back into normal life, or as normal as it can get for a former president and first lady. The adjustments have been vast, with Michelle and Barack falling into those nonsense arguments that most couples have once and a while.

Civilian life fights

According to Barack, he is fighting with Michelle over closet space in their new home, which is something the former president recently shared. While he said he is actually enjoying being in his own house, one thing that confuses him is how the coffee maker works.

What's up with the coffee maker?

Besides fighting with Michelle for more closet space, he has been trying to figure out how to work the coffee maker. As president coffee came to him in a nice hot mug and his clothes were arranged for him in a closet at the White House. In their new home, this former president and first lady have to figure out things for themselves, like how much closet space they are each allotted.

A door bell

According to People Magazine, the Obama's have a nine-room mansion with eight and a half bathrooms in the upscale neighborhood of Kalorama. Last month Michelle Obama shared how she is getting used to the little things again post White House life. According to USA Today, Michelle shared how even her dogs are getting used to civilian life.

They had never heard the sound of a doorbell until moving into their new home.

IT is also taking some getting used to for Michelle and Barack Obama's friends to see them living life as a normal couple. Michelle said her friends are surprised to see her answer her own door, something the sitting president and first lady don't traditionally do at the White House.

Singing Michelle praises

Barack Obama is still singing Michelle's praises during recent speaking engagements, crediting the former first lady with bringing down obesity rates in children. He told a group at the Seeds and Chips conference on Tuesday that Michelle not only made healthy food for their kids to eat but it was also food that the kids liked to eat.

He believes Michelle's success with curbing the obesity rates comes from her approach to the subject. She went at the problem as a mother and not just an advocate. As Fortune reports, Michelle made nutrition one of her "core issues."

Answer the door!

Back at their new home in a historic part of D.C., the husband and wife fight about closet space, answer their own door and you could find Barack scratching his head while checking out the coffee pot. As far as the Obama dogs, well they are going to have to get used to that doorbell which is very much a part of civilian life!