Ooh-la-la! Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are dialing up the sexy. Since handing over the the White House keys to Donald Trump, both have been showing more skin than in their demure Oval Office work uniforms. Michelle Obama gave Jackie O and Melania Trump some competition for hottest FLOTUS baring her glowing shoulders, dazzling cleavage and possible weight loss. And a necktie-less Barack flaunted an open shirt and chest.

Barack Obama gaining weight or just not losing?

Looks like getting out of the (White) House agrees with the Obamas.

The former President of the United States was looking so scary skinny that folks were body-shaming him. His weight loss prompted fears of that he was chain smoking or starving himself. The ex Commander-in-Chief laughingly agreed he had an "eating disorder" called the Presidency diet.

That consisted of skipping meals to keep up with the hectic affairs of state. Now that he's just plain Barack again, Mr. Obama can leave the anorexia of running the country to Donald Trump. While he'll probably never be overweight, Obama seems to be recharging and maybe even taking time to enjoy meals again. And he's looking the healthier and happier for it.

Michelle Obama loses frumpy dresses, weight and years

Poor Michelle, after being consigned to eight years of dumpy White House attire, she's finally able to show a little shoulder.

It's not that she's going full Kim Kardashian.

But compared to the conservative First Lady dresses (sexy black Vera Wang and a few other hot little numbers aside) she's dropping necklines and raising skirts. Out of the matronly frocks the years and pounds are melting away. Obesity never was a problem for either of the Obamas.

And there's no weight loss evidence. But now that Michelle can show off her figure without censure and folks who only saw her in White House garb didn't realize how curvy she is.

Oh, Bamas!

Michelle Obama showed cleavage at her husband's JFK "Profiles in Courage" award ceremony. And Barack is showing off his chest more as well.

His V-neck shirts, without a tie, are having the same effect as his wife's revealing dresses.

People of all sexual orientations, LGBT, straight, gay or transgender, are crushing on the ex POTUS. After eight years of Obama in a tie, people are saying how nice it is to see him dressing casually. Facebook and Twitter lit up when, at a summit in France, Obama wore a dress shirt buttoned low. The Obamas seem to be welcoming retirement with open arms.