During Michelle Obama's time in the White House, her number one initiate was geared towards eating healthy and getting people, most notably children, in better shape. When the Trump family came into office, not much attention was given to Michelle's agenda, until First Lady Melania Trump decided to send out a tweet heading into the weekend.

Melania on Michelle

When Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, he made history as the first African-American to hold the job since its inception. While the former senator from Illinois had his fair share of ups and downs during the eight years he served as commander in chief, First Lady Michelle Obama also had to face criticism.

In addition to racial jabs directed her way, Michelle was forced to deal with an overwhelming amount of negativity pushed by the far right and conservative news outlets, who often challenged her for pushing young Americans to eat well. Once the first lady advocated for healthier lunches in public school, many in the Republican Party accused her taking part in a big government takeover. One aspect of her legacy that she left behind was the White House vegetable garden that has been largely ignore by the first couple during the last nine months. However, a seen on her Twitter account on September 22, Melania Trump brought attention to the garden in question, but not before critics could speak out.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Friday, Melania Trump posted several pictures of herself at the White House Kitchen Garden.

"Thank you @BGCGW Boys & Girls Club Washington for helping us plant & harvest @WhiteHouse Kitchen Garden today!" Melania tweeted out. As expected, those who oppose the current administration wasted no time hitting back, with many appearing to be annoyed that Melania didn't mention and give credit to Michelle Obama.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of sending out her tweet about the White House garden, social media critics were quick to lash out. "Doesn't @POTUS eat a diet consisting almost entirely of fast food?" Molly Jong-Fast tweeted out in mockery of Donald Trump's eating habits.

"You mean @MichelleObama's garden? Nice job - it looks great!" one tweet added.

"This woman steals everything from Michelle Obama!" another Twitter user noted.

"What about the bullying issue? Have you had a word with your uber bully husband?" yet another social media user wondered. "What is health, though? Climate change is part of the same science as 'healthy eating'. I can't take you seriously when your hubby is a joke" an additional tweet noted. As the backlash continued, it showed that critics of the White House would not be letting up anytime soon, even if it's over something as innocent as Melania Trump spending time in a garden.