Three days after President Trump tore into Iran and the nuclear deal that was negotiated and signed by President Obama's administration, Iran, in a sign of defiance, unveiled its latest nuclear missile capable of carrying several warheads.

The powerful new missile, according to NBC News, can carry warheads up to a range of 1,200 miles (2000 km). This means that it can be fired at Israel, which Iran has a lot of animosity towards.

Soon after Trump's U.N. speech, the Iran Revolutionary guard paraded the new ballistic, missile which is called "Khoramshar," at the annual commemoration of the Iran-Iraq war.


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that his country would continue to boost its weapons capabilities despite threats from Trump. He also added that Iran would not be seeking any country's consent to defend itself.

Rouhani said that the nuclear deal that was reached and agreed to at the United Nations General Assembly earlier this year, had the blessings of every country not named the United States and Israel.

Rouhani also made it clear that the Tehran government would continue to stand up for the oppressed people of Palestine, Yemen, and Syria, in reference to the wars that the country is currently involved in. He said Iran was bringing stability and peace to the region.

Iran's President also reiterated that the nuclear deal was fair and would not be renegotiated.

He called Trump's approach to the issue, according to his UN speech, "'ignorant," and "absurd," while at the same time branding Trump as a "rogue newcomer" to international relations.

U.N. speech

During his maiden speech at the U.N. three days ago, Trump called Iran a "murderous regime" that was fanning wars in the countries Rouhani referred to.

Trump also accused Iran of building dangerous missiles, calling the 2015 nuclear agreement an embarrassment and too one-sided. During his presidential campaigns, Trump frequently referred to the deal, citing it as an example of how America had lost its power.

Since being elected into office, tensions have been on the increase between the United States and Iran, though Trump has focused more on North Korea.

Nuclear deal

In the much-talked-about nuclear deal that was agreed on during Obama's presidency, Iran accepted a limit to its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

The negotiations were praised the world over as a major breakthrough in diplomatic relations between the two countries.