April the Giraffe caught the attention and hearts of millions across the world, becoming an overnight viral sensation last February. Dedicated and obsessed viewers tuned in daily for hours at a time anxiously waiting for April to give birth on a live stream Giraffe cam provided by Animal Adventure Park in Harpersville, New York.

April the giraffe fans still miss giraffe cam

As April the giraffe's projected due date came and went, viewers united in chat groups, making new friends. The chatroom users spent day after day talking potential baby names and engaging in amusing conversations centered around pregnant April, and her mate Oliver.

April and Oliver's baby, Tajiri

The highlight of the day for giraffe cam viewers came twice a day when April's caregivers would feed and interact with the giraffe while checking the progress of her pregnancy. It even became a game for April's fans to predict when and if a particular nightly visitor, a hungry mouse, would appear underneath the door leading outside of April's pen to help himself to April's leftover dinner crumbs.

After a 16-month-long pregnancy April the giraffe finally gave birth, the process was relatively quick, and went off without a hitch. A baby boy giraffe, who was later named Tajiri, was finally born. The Animal Adventure Park allowed viewers a few days to view April and her new calf interacting before disengaging the live stream -- much to the disappointment of viewers.

However, the Animal Adventure Park has been very good about giving updates on April, Oliver, and baby Tajiri from time to time as well as introducing some other animals who live at the park.

Fast forward five months later, and baby Tariji's most recent update revealed a thriving, happy giraffe. As previously revealed by the park, Tariji will not stay long at Animal Adventure with its mom and dad.

After April raises her baby naturally and it has weaned itself off after six to 12 months, he will be moved to another facility for safety purposes.

The park revealed that they will update April's fans in terms of when Taj will be expected to leave and where he will be relocated to in the upcoming weeks. Until then interested parties still have time to visit April, Oliver, and Taj at the Animal Adventure Park in NY before the park's season ends on October 22. Are you an April the giraffe fan, and would you be interested in viewing similar animal live stream projects in the future?