The craze began in February. Up until now, April the giraffe remains the topic of discussion among animal lovers — both online and offline.

For three months, Animal Adventure Park live-streamed the life of their barn’s first pregnant giraffe.Millions watched the antics of April, at the same time contemplating when the pregnant giraffe would give birth. After months of watching and waiting, April the giraffe finally gave birth to an adorable little calf.

Tajiri was born on April 15 — just a day before Easter.

Taj, as he is fondly called by the zookeepers, is now a celebrity calf.

Animal Adventure Park has now pulled down the live cam, but on Tuesdays, it live-streams life of April, Oliver, and baby Taj, spending time at the barn.

April and Taj never snuggle

One will hardly see April the giraffe and baby Taj snuggle when they are sleeping. “They actually sleep on opposite sides of the pen. This is because if April wakes up, she doesn’t want to accidentally step on baby when getting up,” explained Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park.

Baby Taj’s favorite resting place is in the corner of the barn. Typically, a giraffe does not get into deep sleep like other animals. It sleep cycle is broken down into short naps, lasting not longer than 5 minutes each.

This is because giraffes are hardwired to stay alert in the wild—where they are usually prone to attacks by lions and leopards.

“Baby sleeps about 5-8 hours a day. This will change though. When he gets older, he will sleep about two hours a day,” Patch said.

Shedding light on the giraffe calf behavior, he said that baby Taj is way ahead of his time because he started nibbling on hay earlier than expected.

“He won’t start eating solids for a couple months. Baby will continue to nurse for 6-10 months and up to 14-15 months,” Patch told Hollywood Life.

Park Will Open To Public On May 15

Animal Adventure Park was initially slated to open on May 13.

However, due to wet weather conditions, the park delayed the opening by two days.

According to a report by The Inquisitr, the zoo will open to public on May 15. Animal Adventure Park is nestled in the hills of Harpursville, 15 minutes outside of Binghamton, New York.

The interactive petting zoo is staffed by zoologists, animal behaviorists, biologists, educators, and general caretakers.

After the live stream of April the giraffe, Animal Adventure Park garnered a massive fan following.