A police officer has been forced to retire from his job in response to racist comments he made. These comments were caught on the officer's dash camera, and the police department was shocked to hear a fellow officer admitting that the police actively target black individuals. However, it appears that the department is doing everything in their power to protect the officer and the public is furious.

The officer was conducting an arrest at the time of the video

According to Refinery 29, police officer Greg Abbott was caught by his police car's dash camera arresting a woman when he was caught telling her that she would not be shot because she is not black.

The woman was suspected of driving under the influence and the police officer pulled her over before approaching the vehicle.

Abbott instructed the woman to use her mobile phone and to place it on her lap where he could see it. The woman was then heard telling the officer that her phone had fallen into the front footwell of the car and that she did not want to risk reaching down in fear of being shot. Greg Abbott replied that there was no way this would happen because she is not black. The officer then asks the woman what kind of videos she has seen where people have been shot. He then incites her to answer that all of the people in those videos have been black.

In a report by the Telegraph, a TV station was able to publish the video and it has since gone viral.

The public is horrified that there are police officers who are supposed to be protecting people are out there targeting the black community.

The officer has taken early retirement

According to The Washington Post, police officer Greg Abbott was advised by his superiors to take early retirement. They stated that if he did not he was going to be fired for his actions.

Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register has stated that Abbott has made a terrible mistake that has cost him his career. However, when speaking about the incident he referred to Abbott as honorable which has incited rage from the public.

The Chief stated that he has no idea what Greg Abbott was thinking at the time of his comment but revealed that it was clear that there was hatred in his heart.

Abbott's lawyer has stated that the police officer did not mean anything by the comments and was simply trying to incite the drunk driver to co-operate with him at the time of her arrest.

According to the Telegraph, an internal police review has stated that the police officer was merely being sarcastic when he made the comment. It appears that Greg Abbott may not be facing any further penalties and the public are enraged that he was given the option to retire with honor rather than be fired for his blatant racism.