First of all, we just have to ask Paul Abramanian what on Earth he was thinking? The "Big Brother 19" contestant recently laid out plans to dress in blackface in order to play a prank on actual black cast member Dominique. Even when Paul tried to change the name of his plan from blackface to "black mask" it didn't take away from the offensiveness of him even suggesting such a thing.

Paul's blackface plan on 'BB19'

Just to make things clear, Paul Abrahamian has not carried out any of his plan to trick Dominique at this time. We're hoping he has enough sense to just scrap it altogether.

Paul told the rest of his "Big Brother" cast mates that he wanted to pull a prank on Dominique. He told them he wanted to dress up in dark clothes and wear a black mask over his face in order to resemble "a snake." Apparently, he is not aware that snakes come in all kinds of colors. So do racists.

This isn't the first time controversy has been stirred on the "Big Brother" house after someone in it does something that the fans deem racist. Unfortunately, they don't have access to anything going on outside of the house so they can't even see how the audience is reacting to their game play and their other behavior while ostracized and video taped inside the house.

That's part of the fun of the show.

It's also very telling about what goes on in their heads when the reality TV contestants can't react to the outside world and just go on doing some pretty offensive stuff while the cameras roll.

Abrahamian's mom weighs in

In the midst of one of what could turn into the biggest racist scandals in the history of "Big Brother" if he actually goes through with it, Paul Abrahamian's mom wants everyone to know that her son is not a racist.

Paul's mom hit up TMZ to let them know that her son, who is Lebanese-American, would never do something racist while competing in the game or anywhere else. She said that due to his own racial background, he has been accused of being a terrorist and has even been accused of being Taliban.

Even though Paul used the phrase "black face" at least twice, his mom says that his silly snake costume has nothing to do with Dominique being black.

She just thinks Paul wants to call out his in-game enemy for constantly calling him a snake by dressing up as one. At least Paul has someone on his side.

It seems that Paul Abrahamian's popularity has taken a major hit after his recent stunts. It might get even worse if he goes through with the plan to dress up and CBS airs it. Paul has been a dominant force in the "BB19" house this season. While a racist scandal might do well for ratings, it won't do well for him after leaving the game and heading back to the real world.