Zoie Burger just called out CNN to her 582,000 Twitter followers. The 21-year-old YouTuber is known primarily for her gaming videos and sexy persona. She began her career on Twitch, where she would twerk on camera for tips and followers. After her account was banned, Zoie switched to YouTube and currently has over 1.7 million subscribers on her channel.

The encounter

According to Zoie's video, two officers approached her at the CNN center and told her to stop recording. Zoie claims that both officers were extremely rude to her during the encounter.

She then claimed that things took a turn when a black man that was with them started talking.

"There was a gentleman with us who was talking to us [and] had just asked us for a dollar. [He] was just hanging out with us and he was a black gentleman. And [the officer] addresses that guy, cause he apologized for us. The other guy says, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we're gonna stop filming," even though he wasn't even with us. And [the officer] goes, 'don't worry, brother.' He says to him, 'don't worry, brother.' I got MASSIVE disrespect."

Zoie ends her video by saying that this was her first time experiencing blatant racism.


Zoie's video was immediately met with backlash from Twitter users. Many fans claimed that Zoie overreacted and didn't have enough proof to accuse the officers of racism. Other Twitter users claimed that Zoie didn't experience racism because she was white.

Zoie's past

This isn't the first time that Zoie's actions have caused her to face backlash.

Her YouTube channel is constantly criticized due to the vulgar nature and lack of appropriate content. In 2016, she promised the public that she'd release a sex tape when she reached 1 million subscribers. To most people's surprise, Zoie ended up fulfilling the promise. Multiple vloggers predicted that Zoie's channel would begin declining after she released the video, but she continues to grow. She also stated before that she doesn't believe she gets the respect she deserves for building up her brand.