Amidst the negativity surrounding the Trump administration, there are still some good things happening at the White House. It came in the form of a gig by a young boy.

The boy who got a gig at the White House

On Friday, the 11-year old Frank Giaccio had his one-in-a-million chance after President Donald Trump allowed him to work for the White House. Earlier this summer, he wrote to President Donald Trump offering to mow the lawn of the White House, which Mr. Trump approved.

Frank Xavier Giaccio, who goes by the name FX, is from Virginia. In his hometown, Frank runs a neighborhood lawn care business.

The White House assigned young Frank with a National Park Service groundskeeper for the morning task. Afterwards, FX mowed the Rose Garden lawn outside the Oval Office.

Frank Giaccio was very engrossed with mowing the Rose Garden lawn that he did not recognize the presence of President Trump who intentionally went out of the White House to check out his work. As can be seen on the video, FX remained his focus on pushing the mower in a long, straight row while the US president was walking alongside him.

President Donald Trump’s reaction to the young boy’s pro-bono service

As soon as Frank Xavier stopped to catch some air, the US president approached the boy and made his remark. "That's the real future of the country right there — we're lucky," President Trump said.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokesperson, told reporters about the letter of FX. According to Sanders, the boy wrote that he would want to mow the lawn of the White House. In his letter, FX also expressed his admiration for the business acumen of President Trump.

After Frank sent his lawnmowing services menu to the White House, President Trump invited him to the Oval Office.

FX was thrilled when he found out that his offer got accepted.

The 11-year old boy said that his father was not thinking at all that he would have the opportunity of meeting the US president. But while he was mowing the lawn, President Trump dropped by and greeted the boy. The event was indeed overwhelming for both FX and his father.

When President Trump asked Frank about his aspirations, he replied that he would want to become a Navy Seal. To this statement, Trump exclaimed that FX would likely become a Navy Seal and even perhaps US president.

In a quick interview, FX told reporters that what he just did for the White House was probably the biggest day of his life. Moreover, he said that his usual charge for his lawnmowing service is $8, but he decided to give a pro-bono service to the White House.

In his tweet, President Donald Trump expressed his thanks to FX. The president added that the National Park Service gave Frank an A+ for a job well-done.